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    I acquired the Drop Uploader Script from Code Canyon last January 12th, I haven’t used it until recent days, and the script works well, but I have an issue I hope you could help me with.

    After the upload event (I’m using the ajax multiple file upload layout) I received the files in the upload folder, but when I try to open them manually, by clicking the PDF file recently uploaded, it has permission that doesn’t allow me to open or read it, like access is denied, how could I change that and let the file with normal permission? instead the restricted permissions

    Thanks in advance for your support


    Hi! Sorry for delay. Can you check, is files have same size, os original files. Also please tell me, which OS do you use (Windows, Mac, Linux)


    Hi, I’m using windows OS, in a server that support php language

    Thanks in advance for your support


    Hi, is there any update to this post?, the files are the same size as the originals, and I’m using a windows server

    Expecting to find a solutions to this issue, thanks


    Hi! I’m not sure, why this problem might happens. If file size is the same that means, that file was upload successfully. In Windows OS there is probably can’t be issue with file permissions. Only thing, that I can recommend to try – try to open file with other application

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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