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    I’m experiencing irregularities with the links that are being generated in the email sent through CF7.

    Sometimes the mail only contains the names of the image files and not links to my clients Dropbox folder.

    This is my shortcode in CF7:
    [dropuploader dropuploader-45 count:8 filetypes:jpg|jpeg|png]

    Settings.png -> Settings in WordPress
    Example1.jpg -> Shows an email where image files are not being generated as link
    Example2.jpg -> Shows 3 mails in my CF7-database where the latest email is ok with link and all but the last two emails has just images attached as text..

    Can you somehow explain this phenomenon?


    I will try to reproduce this bug on my site and fix it.
    Can you also tell me – is this happens every time, or only with some files?


    Thanks for fast reply.

    I’ve offered your plugin as a added feature for a customer of mine who’s been having standard CF7 for years now.
    This new solution has now been running for a about 6 days and already within two days they expressed concerns because they felt a slight drop in customer messages compared to the previous setup and some mails have image-attachments-issues.

    Now Monday morning they have experienced additional two messages where images are not being added correct.

    Attached image shows seven successful attachments and two faulty attachments (i assume the empty blocks are when no images were uploaded by users).

    So to answer your question – it’s on and off and i can’t figure out what causes the issue.
    Remember i’m not the one uploading images through the site – random users are, hence why i can’t give any detail to issues they might experience.

    Could it have something to do with naming of files?
    CAPTCHA being entered incorrect the first time which then corrupts image path / upload process, when new code are being generated?


    Any progress?


    Hi! Sorry for delay. I’m working on this issue now.


    Can you tell me what plugin do you use to store Contact Form 7 submission data?


    There can be conflict with this plugin. Can you please try to use Flagmingo plugin instead?


    I’ve now changed to Flamingo.
    You’ve found conflicts when using ‘Advanced CF7 DB’ or are you just not familiar with this plugin?


    I tested my plugin with Advanced CF7 DB before, and found there some issues.


    Okay. Since i’ve changed to Flamingo two days ago, there’s been 16 messages through my form and from what i can tell, there has been two with faulty link output..

    See attached.

    Image 1: Faulty, link is not being generated, just names of the files.
    Image 2: Faulty, link is not being generated, just names of the files.
    Image 3: Correct, the Dropbox-link is generated in first line containing all of the files in the lines mentioned below.


    Can you give me FTP access to your site. I will try to enable debug mode and gather some debug information for this.


    Are you just going to enable debug mode and then the data are being generated as the form is being used? Is it something i can easily setup for you?

    If i would give you FTP-access.. Are you going to interfere with the form / plugins on the site?

    I’m just expressing my concern since this is a live site and i’d like to spare my client for any weird testing emails / downtime .. whatever.

    Thanks a lot!


    Can you add this text in your wp-config.php file

    define( ‘WP_DEBUG’, true);
    define( ‘WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY’, false );
    define( ‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’, true );

    After several days please send me debug log file, that you can find in wp-content folder of your site


    I’ve had debug enabled since last night and today a submission came through with faulty Dropbox-URL.

    Since i enabled debug yesterday at around 20.00 there’s been a total of 3 messages through the site. 2 OK (at 09.56 and 10.22) and 1 with faulty Dropbox-URL (at 10.26)

    See attached: line 1489 – faulty

    Please do mind that time zone are 1 hour off. So when submission is made at 10:26 it’s 09:26 in debug list.

    Can you make sense of this?

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