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    Hi there,

    as the title says, the form seems to be functioning properly with Contact Form 7, but no files are being uploaded/sent.

    I’m not familiar with Contact Form 7, so I’m unsure what I’m missing or why the plugin doesn’t seem to be working, any help would be appreciated, this is the only thing missing for the website to go live.

    Kind regards,


    Sorry for delay.
    I checked your site. To make it works you need to add shortcode with your dropuploader tag name to attachment field on mail tab (I already did this on your site).
    Now it should works, please check.


    Hi! Thank you for your support! Sadly now no email is being sent to any recipient 🙁


    Heya, small update, I sent those files shortly before writing my reply, and they arrived around 2 hours later. What could be the cause of this?


    Hi, sorry, I have another enquiry… I can’t be able to seem to make the files be saved locally on the Website.
    This uploader is for print files, so it would be an issue if they are being sent over e-mail because they’d be larger than 20mb (usual e-mail attatchment file limitation). But I’m unable to find what I’m doing wrong when setting that up…


    another update! (I apologise)
    We set-up Dropbox, but no files are being stored in any location, only sent via email. The ideal solution would be to have the files be uploaded on Dropbox, which has been already set-up with the API key but nothing lands there


    Good morning, would you have some time to have a quick look on how to get dropbox-upload running? We’d be really grateful for that


    Sorry for delay.
    I checked “Check this box if you want to be able to save the uploaded files and include the links to them in an email.” checkbox in Drop Uploader settings. Now files will be stored locally, and probably this is also can fix issue with Dropbox.
    Please check, is it works properly now?


    Heya, sadly the problem perists, the files are arriving via email, and they are not stored locally, nor being saved on the dropbox. If it would help, please feel free to test the uploading process yourself to see if they are stored locally, I could also give you the dropbox log-in information


    Good morning,
    the client is being pressuring us of putting the website online, but we haven’t been able to because of the plugin… we would sadly have to look for another alternative if this isn’t resolved soon

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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