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    I have images which are from 20-30 MB each image.
    But I’m having issue with uploading multiple files and it get stuck no matter what size I choose for images. Please let me know how to solve this issue.

    My requirement is customer can uplaod 10-20 images at once. Is there any limitation I should be aware of?

    2. How to change processing UI and After upload UI. Can you help with that?
    I need something like attached image after uploading.
    https://dribbble.com/tags/uploader (after submission ui)

    Page the form is available on: https://picsfast-b3195b.ingress-comporellon.ewp.live/portrait-retouching/


    Hello, any response?


    Sorry for delay.
    I checked your site and found, that when user tries to upload large file, it got 429 error from server (too many requests). This happens because uploader used chunked file upload method (each file divided to parts, each 1 Mb size, and for each of this part uploader send request to the server). Please try to contact your hosting provider and ask to increase requests limit.
    About your second question – unfortunately, there is no option to make some similar to functionality, that was shown on Dribbble example.


    When uploading in my site images are not showing in correct order as it shows in demo. Pleaase fix the issue.


    Hello, I demo video, we can also upload image files as list instead of thumbnails. how to set that? I’m not able to find this option in plugin.
    I don’t wish to show thumbnail just the list “General Form”. It’s in your envato video. Please guide.


    You need go to Settings -> CF7 Drop Uploader Settings, Tab Options and there set Layout -> List


    Thank you. but this list doesn’t show the imge icon before the file name. How do I show the icon for example if image is uploaded image icon is shown.

    2. Whatever changes I’m making for css in customizer it’s not working. Even when I’m updating css from plugin then also it’s not reflecting changes. what’s the possible issue?


    Seems like icon not showing because you have empty File Icon field in Settings -> CF7 Drop Uploader settings, Options Tab.
    About CSS – do you have some example of style, that didn’t works?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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