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    veHey, purchased you plugin to test how it works together with my other addons. And I sadly cant even get through the initial setup. Maybe I do something wrong, but this is all I get; defalut input field:!AqEKWzi-m8-pmBU9a6nEbzoRPZkC?e=O7QPX4 . It also doesnt seem to actually upload the files. Its only capable of finding directory.

    Is there anything I can do?



    Can you give ma admin access to your site. I will check what can be wrong


    Thank you for fast response.

    I usually try to avoid sharing my wp login. However maybe I could make an exception. But before we do it – are you confident you will solve the problem? Or perhabs I could ask you for refund.

    Because I gone through a lot of file upload apps an they all just seem to interfere with variation plugins. I tried a lot. It seems to be some of more advanced functionalities of those uploaders… But still I have no clue.



    As I see on your screenshot seems like there is problem with JS errors on your site.
    If JS errors will be fixed, I think my plugin will work.


    Okay. So lets give it a go. Ill create a copy of my site for you. Come back later wit login.


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    Seems like I found why it doesn’t works. I created test order #1754 with files, that was successfully uploaded to server.
    There was error with JS, I’m not fixed it yet, but I think I will able to do this soon.


    Thank you for your support. I’ll wait for update then. Can you please notify me when its live?



    I found fast fix for this issue. Please set in Drop Uploader Settings Uploader Position = After Add to Card button. This may works.


    Hello Boris. Thank you for your help. This way it works, but I dont need it after the shopping cart. I have to keep its order. Also, Im not able to set up preview of uploaded images in the cart. Is there any option to do that?


    It is ok, if I put uploader before Add to Cart page?
    About images preview in a cart – for now there is no such option in my plugin, nut I can add this in future.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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