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    Hi there,

    the problem is that when I add an asset as an attachment, wordpress prompts me to log in. Please, see attachment or this link:

    >> https://www.dropbox.com/s/0x2jvlb3cejt187/Bildschirmfoto%202021-10-21%20um%2016.49.46.png?dl=0 <<

    The problem occurs with chrome and firefox, safari is okay.


    This window is similar to basic HTTP authentication. Do you have some firewall protection on your site or on your hosting?


    What does that mean exactly? My customer has brought this window to my attention and he is now afraid that no documents can be sent. I was able to produce the “error” on Chrome and Firefox as well. I have never experienced this process, this window always appears when you want to add an attachment in the form. How to work around this “problem” now?


    Still waiting for an answer and a proposed solution!
    The problem appears from any computer. You are welcome to try it out.

    Kind regards …


    Seems like your wordpress directory is protected by HTTP Authorization. Thats why my plugin can’t load files properly. You can disable this protection in your hosting panel.



    as I said, the problem is not only with me, but has occurred on all computers of the customer and users. Can’t be that all of them now have to un-authorize HTTP first?!?.

    Also, this is what the upload area looks like for some time – see attachment.

    I can set up the gladly an access and you look at it?

    Many greetings

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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