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    Hi, I have followed your instructions to show preloaded files and it works.

    The following is the configuration I have made:

                    uploader_text: 'Drop files to upload, or',
                    browse_text: 'Browse',
                    only_one_error_text: 'Only one file allowed',
                    not_allowed_error_text: 'File type is not allowed',
                    big_file_before_error_text: 'Files, bigger than',
                    big_file_after_error_text: 'is not allowed',
                    allowed_before_error_text: 'Only',
                    allowed_after_error_text: 'files allowed',
                    browse_css_class: 'button button-primary',
                    browse_css_selector: 'file_browse',
                    uploader_icon: '',
                    file_icon: '',
                    progress_color: '#4a90e2',
                    time_show_errors: 5,
                    layout: 'list',
                    method: 'ajax',
                    chunk_size: 1000000,
                    concurrent_uploads: 5,
                    show_percentage: true,
                    existing_files: true,
                    existing_files_removable: true,
                    send_existing_files: true,
                    url: 'ajax_upload.php',
                    delete_url: 'ajax_delete.php',
                    existing_files: [
                        'name': 'Example preload file 1'
                        'name': 'Example preload file 2'
                        'name': 'Example preload file 3'

    When I click on the icon to delete a file I get this message:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'substring' of undefined
        at HTMLElement.<anonymous> (drop_uploader.js:187)
        at HTMLElement.dispatch (jquery.js:5183)
        at HTMLElement.elemData.handle (jquery.js:4991)

    Could you tell me how I should define this configuration to tell your script where the file is located on the server so that when it is deleted, it will in effect delete it from the server. I see an id and a name, but for example a URL parameter of the FILE exists?

    thank you.


    If it helps you something, reviewing what can happen I have noticed that the error occurs when layout: ‘list’ but when layout: ‘thumbnails’ works perfect.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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