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    Hi Borisol,

    I have found another issue.
    I try to explain: I select a product with size A and upload a photo, put it in the cart and then select size B of the same product and upload the same photo and put it in the cart. After that I buy the two products. When I receive (as admin and as customer) the notification email with the ordered product list, in the first product with size A there is a link to the uploaded photo, but the link is missing at the second product with size B.
    I think that’s because of the fact, that the same picture is uploaded for both sizes, but I need the the link to each photo in both ordered products, even it’s the same photo.
    Is there a way to modify the plugin to geht the link in both products in the email?

    (it works fine, when I upload two different photos)

    Thanks in advance for your help!


    I fixed this issue. Update will be available on CodeCanyon soon.


    Perfect, thank You!


    Hi Borisol,

    the problem still remains in our shop, as you can see here:

    –> Case: Customer ordered the same product twice, has uploaded the same picture for both products, but it’s only one link to the picture

    P.S.: It’s not possible to upload pictures with the uploader here in the forum – all filetypes seem to be not supported…


    Hi! I just placed order on your site (Number 127) and seems like everything is ok. I added same photo for different product variations and they both available in order details, and they are not corrupted (I can open them)


    Hi Borisol,

    please take a look for example at the order number “shop-maske-105. This order came in yesterday a long time after I updated the plugin.
    The uploaded picture in this order is corrupt and cannot be opened.

    It’s true, there are a lot of orders, where the upload works perfect, but unfortunately there are still too many orders with corrupt pictures…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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