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    hello, question: why can’t I see the files stored on my wp, I already follow all the documentation steps.

    I set up the links in the body message, and I can see the links and links are good, all with location path, but when I’m going to my media library, I can’t see it. there’s my code and my config screen shots

    <label> Tu nombre (requerido)
        [text* first-name placeholder "Jhon"] </label>
    <label> Apellido (requerido)
        [text* last-name placeholder "Doe"] </label>
    <label> Tu correo electrónico (requerido)
        [email* client-email placeholder "jhondoe@mail.com"] </label>
    <label> Celular o Teléfono (requerido)
        [text* client-phone placeholder "61234567"] </label>
    <label> Cédula/Pasaporte
        [text cedula-oacute-pasaporte placeholder "8-123-4567"] </label>
    <label> Nacionalidad
        [text nacionalidad placeholder "Panameña"] </label>
    <label> Que desea consignar? 
        [text* your-consigna placeholder "Sofá blanco, espejo egipcio, a..."] </label>
    <label> OPCIONAL: Comentarios adicionales sobre el estado del material 
        [textarea comments placeholder "Estos son muebl..."] </label>
    <label><h3>Compartenos fotos:</h3></label>
    [dropuploader* foto-muebles limit:5mb filetypes:jpg|jepg|png|bmp]
    [hidden jetpackcrm-add default:jetpackcrm-add = "jetpackcrm-add"]
    [hidden status default:status = "Consignador potencial"]
    [submit "Enviar"] [dropuploader_message "Las imagenes aun estan cargando"]

    PD: I cant upload the screenshots here, so I’m sharing a google drive link folder to see my configuration

    Screenshots configuration


    My plugin does not add files to WordPress media library. You can get files only via email attachments, links or dropbox.

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    Yes, my plugin store files on server, but they not visible in WP media library. You can get access to these files by links, that you receive in email, or by using plugin, that allows you to view Contact Form 7 submissions (Flamingo for example).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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