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    I want my form just to send the file to the Dropbox and then send info to my email. The files are audio files, so they are usually over 10mb and I don’t want them sent via email attachment.

    I think I have disabled the attachments and file storage, but my form simply does not go through.

    This is weird because even though the form says that there’s an error of sending the message (and the email does not go through either), the file comes through to Dropbbox (over 10mb) and form’s info comes through to Flamingo (message storage plugin).

    Thank you in advance!
    Br, Roope


    Hi! Please try to update to latest version of plugin (2.2.7)


    Hi, thank you for quick answer but I can only see version 2.2.6 on CodeCanyon. Where can I get 2.2.7?



    Can you tell me when you filled form right – do you receive email or not.
    About receiving files even if form was filled with errors – this is known bug, but for now I unable to fix it. I hope it will be possible in future.
    About version 2.2.7 – this was my mistake. Latest version on CodeCanyon now is 2.2.6



    The mail does NOT come through even it should be filled right.

    According to my testing, over 8mb files cause the error. I assume this is because they can not be sent via email attachment.

    Can I disable the file attachments in some way? Maybe it would fix the issue?



    Please try to remove dropuploader shortcode from File attachment textarea in mail tab



    The File attachment textarea is empty. Any other tips?


    I updated plugin on your site. Please check again.



    THANK YOU!! It works!
    5/5 support service!

    Just out of curiosity: What did you do? 🙂


    I updated plugin to version 2.2.7 )
    Now it’s available on CodeCanyon.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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