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    Well i want to change the file names of uploaded files and i want to make the form not to upload the image until i press submit.

    How to change the upload file other than 3?

    Im using Three File Upload Form AJAX

    Can you please help me to do that?

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    If you use AJAX mode – files will be uploaded to server right after you drop files to browser.

    You can change limit for number of uploaded files by changing data-count="3" parameter for file input field, or you can remove it to disable limit.

    If you want to rename file – you need to modify ajax_upload.php file on line 19 (for chunked uploading method) or line 108 (AJAX Uploading method). You can set you own file renaming rules here.


    Well thanks for your reply.

    Is it possible to keep the same functionality but not to upload the files on browse or drop using chunked?

    If not then please if you can provide me the code by any way where the file should not be uploaded but onclick only.


    I have tried with the data-method=”normal” it works as i want, but if i have selected 2 files and i want to select one more so it will replace the other 2 and will show only 1 file. Why it is not behaving like ajax or chunked method where it keeps the all 3 and will give a message only that you cannot add more?

    I want the same like chunked or ajax when we select the files it should show the delete button so if i have selected 3 files and i want to change 1 file it should delete the file and we can add a different file.

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    even i have noticed that once you selected 2 or anything it will give you a message only first time that you cannot select more than limit or watever and if you will select second time more than limit it will select those files.


    any support hope on this?


    Sorry. seems like I miss your previous messages.
    I will try to explain, how it works. When you use normal file uploading method – it uses default file input field. this field have security restrictions. You can’t modify or add files after you drag them to uploader first time. This is browser security restrictions, and I can’t pass them.


    No problem. thanks for your reply.
    can you make this ajax form to be submitted on click?

    • This reply was modified 2 years, 10 months ago by  nafseislam.

    Ok, I will add this feature in one of the next updates.


    Thanks. I will wait for that.

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