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    Hi Boris,

    I have installed the plugin on a development site.

    I would love to set the images used by the plugin to have the same dimensions as the other images on the page.

    The overlay is taller than the image.
    Is it possible to vertically align the text that appears in rollover state.

    Screenshots: (the uploader wouldn’t accept jpegs?

    Many thanks


    is there a way to change the opacity over the rollover state so it’s not 100%, maybe 70% black?


    As you can see the image sizing issue on mobile:

    Do you think you’ll be able to respond today?
    Many thanks


    So you think you’l be able to reply? If not can I please get a refund?


    Sorry for delay.
    Please try to add Hover Effects Pack not as a widget, but via Text editor (and there you can add Hover Pack shortcode). Probably this may works for this case.


    ok – will try this – thanks!


    Hi there – I added as you suggested via the text editor as per your documentation and I still get the issue on the page:

    Really keen to get this working – so appreciate any help.
    Also need to vertically align the rollover text – happy to pay for time to cover this? Appreciate this is additional work.

    Many thanks



    I added as per the documentation and still having the same issue:

    Is this something you will help resolve or should I start looking for other plugins?

    I wanted to vertically align the text overlay too – is this something you could help with?

    Many thanks


    I fixed it on your site. I added some CSS styles and insert Hover Pack via shortcode in text editor.


    Thank you boris, really really appreciated.

    Have a great week!!! THanks again.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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