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    Hello, When I add the photos on my product It seems to not happens anything. And is impossible to associate the files with a product. Only works the dropper in the checkout page. It seems to happens the same on your template:

    I tried to add some photos and is impossible to add the product to the cart. I have the same problem, please I need a solution as soon as possible or please give me a refund.



    I just created test order on your site. Do you receive attached image?


    Helo, Yes, I received the mail but with no one files were attached.


    If you check the cart, files were not uploading. It may be a problem asociating the file to a product?

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    Can you give me admin access to your site. I will check what can be wrong.

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    yes, probably there is conflict with theme or some plugin. If there is some options in your theme, that allows you to disable AJAX in shopping cart or something similar, you can try to enable this options.
    If this doesn’t helps, I can give you refund.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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