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    I bought this plugin about a month ago and it has been great. Works awesome. I have one question though.

    Is there a way to capture the JSON object that is returned in the ajax_upload.php file?

    I updated the ajax_upload.php file in order to get more information about the uploaded content. For example: image width, image height, filesize, etc… I uploaded this info to a database and I added all this extra data to the $response object that is echoed at the end of the file.

    Now, is there a way to capture that information in JavaScript? When I create my own AJAX functions, there is usually a ‘success’ option I can use to pull and manipulate whatever info is sent back from the AJAX call. Is there a way to do that with this plugin?

    I tried using the file_upload_end function you mentioned in your documents, but the only data I seem able to pull from that function is the file’s name. Not the other data I was able to acquire in the ajax_upload.php file.



    Probably you can. In ajax_upload.php you can find $response variable (array). You can add new elements to it and they will be available in response after AJAX request.


    Hello again! Thanks so much for the response. I found the $response variable in ajax_upload.php and was able to add the new elements I needed. So that part I was able to complete.

    I am unsure however, how to capture that information in the JavaScript file. You wrote in your response: “they will be available in response after AJAX request”, but I am unsure how to pull that info using JS/jQuery. Do I write a new function? Do I use the provided “file_upload_end” function? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again.


    Me again….

    Sorry, please disregard my last reply. Minutes after I pushed “send”, I figured out the answer. Thanks again for all your help.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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